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Grass Lake Organics and

Grass Lake Organics and Bellaire Nursery are part of a family of companies working together. We are working year-round to provide quality produce and plants for our community.

The Plant Sale is Open!
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As a member of the Torch Lake Co-op, we are proud to collaborate with other growers in order to offer you a wide variety of garden transplants. First available pickups start in May and go through June so you can make multiple orders with different pickup or delivery days in order to plan your gardening time wisely. You'll find plants that enjoy cooler temperatures in the earlier cycles, and heat-loving plants in the later cycles. Keep in mind that the sooner you order, the more choices will be available.

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  • Open Food Network
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    Produce online

    To shop for your groceries from the TorchLake.Coop, visit the website and click on shop now. That takes you to the Open Food Network, an open source, global network of producers that we are proud to be a part of.

  • Schedules & Deliveries 
    Saturdays starting May 6th
    Deliveries in:
    Traverse City
    Elk Rapids
    Central Lake
    Rapid City
  • Wholesale

    Do you run a restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction? We sell plants by the flat! Order for your season with us and we can help plan your planters or beds. We grow specialty plants for other farms in the spring as well. Contact us regarding your nursery transplant needs anytime.